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Good day Sir, i want to ask that how to check autocad drawing lines on google earth? Before there was a command "GS" by which after selection of lines, it appears on google earth, i use this command in autocad 2004 version,now i am using 2010. I searched on YouTube, and find another command "XY". but none of them working. Please can u help me to find out how this will work?

Hi Othman,

One way we can do this by sending http link to the browser, we need to do some automation like below (But it may or may not give proper results)

1. You have to monitor the mouse movement or mouse picked location in auto CAD
2. Convert the coordinates to the lat long information
3. Open the url in the browser with the lat long (x,y) information on Google map as mentioned in below<lat>,<lng>,18.388672

I think this might be help you to fulfill your requirement.

Please don't hesitate to ask any more information required.


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