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I made a custom toolbar with regular functions that I use such as dimension, trim, fillet ect. I am about to reinstall Cad on another computer but don't know how to save it so I can employ it on my new PC with out starting over.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your question. You'll find this to be pretty straight forward, although it does take a few minutes.

The first thing to do is to set up a workspace where your toolbar is. I don't know which version of ACAD you are using, so your workspaces are either at the top on the quick access toolbar with a picture of a gear, or on the bottom under a gear. If you already have a custom workspace created you are way ahead of the game here and go down to the section TO MAKE THE TRANSFER

Get everything set up the way you want it including your custom toolbar. Go to the workspace pulldown, or type in WORKSPACE at the command prompt. Select Save Curent As, or Save As and give it a name, eg: PHIL1. Your toolbar is saved here.

Next type in CUI at the Command Prompt. Go to the TRANSFER tab. In the left window is your main menu and one of the items in the list is WORKSPACES. Select the + to expand the list. You now see your custom workspace. Another plug for workspaces - if you change your toolbar, make a new one, close one, set something up that you want to forever be that way be sure to SAVEAS and resave your workspace. If you start ACAD and things are not correct, the first thing to check is the Workspace. Why does ACAD sometimes change it? No clue, except it can. This behavior seems to have stopped with later releases.

In the LEFT window, is a NewFile. Workspaces is empty here. Drag your custom toolbar from the left window to the right window under workspaces. Then selecting the little disk icon near the top right, save this new file. I save to desk top - then you will be able to transfer to a new computer by also placing it on a server, or a thumb drive.

On the new machine, with ACAD loaded, type in CUI, go to the TRANSFER tab, in the right window choose the OPEN icon (the folder) and open the file you created. Under workspaces is your custom toolbar. Drag it to the left window and place it under workspaces. Then selecting the disk icon in the LEFT window, save the file. Close the CUI Dialog box. Use the Workspaces to go to your custom workspace. Viola! There is your toolbar! Customization is FUN and makes you more efficient!!

Best Wishes,


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