I am doing a fire suppression design. I am using auto cad 2012. I have received the drawing form the architect and am planning on just overlaying my design on top of his. The architect has drawn the project in a newer version than what I'm using. some of his walls are not showing up along with doors and other objects in the drawing. it also seems as if he drew the building as one big block and I'm not able to attach to his walls or any other objects in the drawing. Is there any way to change his block as if to explode the drawing? Explode doesn't work and nothing else I've tried is working.

I am so sorry that I did not get to this sooner. I was thinking about a decent solution, and then work & life got busy and I never got back to it.

I hope this can still help.
The first thing to do is go into your options and under the Open & Save tab, on the lower right be sure that you have Show Proxy Graphics set for Proxy images for custom objects. I turn off the Show Proxy Info dialog box, because it is just annoying.
That may be sufficient to show those objects.

While in there, right above that section is the settings for how to handle Xrefs. On Demand Load Xrefs:  choose Enabled With Copy.

The Xref will appear as 1 big block. You should be able to attach to his objects with osnaps. Be sure none of the xref layers are locked. You can edit the Xref, but you will affect everyone using it. To do that double click on it.

Please let me know if any of these ideas work for you!

Best Wishes,


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