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I am trying to add a text style to my Autocad. I already tried to type option and add the path to support path file. The shx file is available for a drawing that was sent to me with the particular text style. My question is how can I make the text style permanent so it will be used automatic when I open a new drawing.

Thank you S

Hi Sara, if the shx file is not showing up when you're creating a text style, lets try moving the shx path (you just added) to the very top your support file search path & the restart your autocad session. That way autocad will parse thru that folder first, forcing that shx file to load. Next, edit your default template (normally called acad.dwt) & then modify the 'standard' text style using your shx file. Save the *.dwt file.
Additionally, under options, go to 'Text Editor, Dictionary, and Font File Names / Alternate Font File', you can specify your custom *.shx file here so that autocad cad substitute it on future unreferenced text styles.

Hope this helps, let me know.


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