So, I just got an upgraded computer with AutoCAD 2010 installed on it. I had AutoCAD 2010 on my old computer, but it was painfully slow. I put all of my individual files from my old computer into my SugarSync folder (similar to a Dropbox folder, syncs to the cloud). When I opened the files on my new computer, some of the fonts were not the same. In fact, I would say most of them changed to various other weird fonts. No apparent rhyme or reason, just something other than what it was. However, when I select them, indeed the Text Formatting dialog box indicates that they are the original font. But they are clearly not. When I open the Text Style dialog box, the font is in the list and I can select it, but it does not display the font as it should. Any advice?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Hi Shaun,

Font files are external to AutoCAD dwg files, and are loaded as called by the drawing.  Over time, Autodesk revises its fonts files, but they have the same names.  For example ROMANS.SHX in R2004 is likely different from ROMANS.SHX in 2015. It is entirely possible to open a newer version of AutoCAD and have fonts appearing differently.

Another thing to note: AutoCAD reads fonts from the list found under OPTIONS>FILES>Support file search path.  It only loads the first instance it finds.

If your fonts are appearing differently, and you want an older version of font loaded, I suggest you place all of your older fonts in a folder, say C:\OLDFONTS, and add the folder to the support file search path.  Make sure it is higher in the search list than the other fonts folders, so AutoCAD loads from that folder first.

The fonts you want should look 'normal' after this, but you may have to restart AutoCAD before seeing the change.



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