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QUESTION: February 16, 2014

Dear Bill:

I owe a lot to you.  Just for the heck of it I tried installing AutoCAD 2008 (I guess I fell in love with AutoCAD 2007.)  Everything came together.  Can toss this Longbow stuff, Acroplot seems to be bright and spiffy & don't seem to need service packs.

Configuring the plotter should be a piece of cake...maybe it works fine as is.  Thanks again.

Very truly yours,


ANSWER: You don't owe me ANYTHING!  Much of what you did, you did for yourself.  I'm surprised you could even get a copy of AutoCAD that is six years old.  Good for you.  AutoCAD 2008 is good stuff, especially since it also is 32-bit.  We always liked it, but when we had to get 64-bit Windows, we had to go to at least AutoCAD 2009.  I have up to 2014 now.
Bill DeShawn

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QUESTION: February 16, 2014

Dear Bill:

As an afterthought, don't jump to conclusions.  I don't feel I ripped off Autodesk.  They never even sent me an invoice.  I just sort of tucked it away and forgot about it.  They sent it to me soon after I received AutoCAD 2007...

Have a great week.

Very truly yours,


I think there are times when Autodesk or its resellers want to help the lone contractor.  And I don't think they will want to lose him or for him to lose his means of support.  There are many who have been forced to get the most out of what they have after several years of being on subscription.  Times are tough, they have been tough, and they're still gonna be tough for a while yet.  There also might be others who have already been forced out of the business because of less work and higher prices.  I'm hoping business will pick up soon here in Oregon, and I hope they will soon over there in Texas.  I just think that somebody wanted to help you out and did just that.  I don't think you did anything wrong.  

Take care

Bill DeShawn


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