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In my drawing I have a bunch of texts that have an "A" on the end of them. For example 132A, FV132A, etc. Is there a way to replace the A with nothing. Like delete the A without a space holder, I need the A to go away and not have a space for the A. So my text will be centered as if the A was never there.


The FIND tool can certainly replace the A character with a space, but if you set it to do so, be careful of the selection set.

To do this, run FIND, and place the A in the find what box, and leave the replace with field empty.

Click the chevron (the "V" symbol in the lower left) and make sure Find whole words only is unchecked, otherwise it will only look for the word A.

Next, click on the upper right select objects icon and select the elements you wish to have the function applied.  

After selecting, click the Find button in the dialog. If you have the List results box checked, AutoCAD will show what it found.  You can select and click replace to each result, or click replace all to apply the change to the entire selection.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have unexpected results.

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