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QUESTION: Hi please refer to our previous correspondence below, I actually got my closest answer from your previous reply, but I am currently stuck at moving dimension from model space to layout (using CHSP command). More like vice-vera question of your reply. Lets take another example to explain my problem : If I have a detail of scale 1:20 prepared in model space (consisting on text & dim style w.r.t. 20 scale) and coming to layout space I prepare the view port of 1:20 scale, I use the CHSP command, select objects, reference point, and boom - the dim style doesn't remain the same, its get scaled...but the rest of the drawing stays intact in the sheet as per selected scale (sheet currently selected is A3)which I wanted.

I stuck with resolving dimensions issues! Can you try to help me once again. You last try was worth help! :-)

Please try if you can reply asap...I am really need to resolve things fast.


Previous correspondence :
Question was:

Hi. I have a question regarding copying dimensions from model space to layout in AutoCad.
If I have any detail made in model space whose dimension style I have selected on a particular scale (say 1:20), and In layout sheet, I have copied those details directly along with Drawing vewiport(say 1:100 Scale), in the copied detail from model space to layout sheet - the dimensions will automatically get scaled?


Following is the reason:

I am sorry for the delay - I never saw this hit my mailbox. Secondly, I am sorry for this answer - because I don't think it is what you are really looking for.

I don't dimension in model space. Ever. I always dimension in the layout. Then if I want to send a dimension with a detail - perhaps to appear on another sheet or a different project, then I use ChangeSpace (CHSP) to move the dimension into the model.

In Dimension Style, under the FIT tab I select "Scale Dimensions to Layout"
This way they all look the same.

I suspect that what you are seeing is a combination of these things that ACAD is doing automatically.

I don't think I have answered your question, but I hope this may help, or at least give you something to try out.


ANSWER: I have messed with this a LOT!!
Here is what I found:

Moving a scaled dimension from the model to the layout will always scale the dimension text size. Not the measurement, but the dimension size. There is no super easy fix for that. But there are lots of remedies.

The very easiest is to create the dimensions as annotative. If my regular layout text height is 10 (made that up) and I create it as annotative, then anywhere I use the annotative dimensions they will always look like they are a height of 10. I can put the same detail on a page in viewports at 3 different scales, and one in the model, and the annotative dimension will look the same in all 4 situations.
This is created under DIMSTYLE, FIT tab, and below the picture is a box for Annotative. And I tell it to scale the dimensions to the layout. I have only used this a little, and the best results I've had came from working thru the viewport on the layout tab. Not working in the Model tab.

Another way I have seen this handled - and I am not a fan of it, but it works - is to create layers for the different scales. In the 1:20 VP the text is one height. In 1:100 it is at a different height. You control this thru the VP visibility under layers. (Looks like a picture frame with the sun/snoflake icon)

I hope this has gotten closer to what you are looking for. Now you see why I ALWAYS dimension in my layout! Please let me know if this has helped and what method you chose.

Best Wishes,

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QUESTION: Hi sorry for the late answer.

First of all thanks for your kind replies! I am always loaded with lots of question of AutoCAD and if its ok with you I am going to bother you again.. :)

I somehow find out the solution of the problem. (in fact I don't know how). I think If I create dimension as annotative and then CHSP from model to layout by picking a particular viewport, the dimensions was scaling automatically, but if its kept as associative, the dimensions remain the same. But I am not sure if the same reason I got the solution. Right now I am creating dynamic blocks in different sheet layouts which my boss would use them in his programming automation.

I have another question regarding OLE - If I drag any image and paste into my CAD drawing, the image is always get linked to a particular location, but as I understand, If I copy the same image in WORD and then copy from word to CAD drawing, it becomes embedded (I don't Know the reason why though) but why I try to use the grips to resize the image, it only work for expanding the image not the vice-versa option. In that case, I have to scale the image every-time,any ideas why?

Thanks again!

This is going to be a terribly vague answer because I have not done this in quite a while, but when you are bringing info in to the CAD drawing you have options in paste, one of those is paste special - and then you can paste as AutoCAD entities.

You can also paste into a table - but you want your table all set up. Then you have a choice to save it linked or not.

Hope that helps and gets you headed on the right path.

Best Wishes,


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