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Good morning Mr Bill !
I would like to ask you for some autoCad advises
- My company just requests every NOT to scale draw should draw / make revision from Layout or Paper page- not to do in Model space except Scale draw.
1/ if I receive  NOt to scale draws from clients that was in model space- should I just make a revision from model space then after finished - I will CHSPACE to Layout space -at least to me , it is easier than  first CHSPACE then make revision - I am not sure if it makes any different ?
2/ while working in layout space-  i am double clicks for some commands then MSpace activated thus I am unable to cont but have to click back button to undo -to get back to the layout space - is there any simple  way to avoid this issue- or If it was happened - can i do any thing to get back to layout space without clicks " UNDO " button and lose some work ?
3/ IN Layout space: the menu / toolpaletes/ ribbons --all are the same as in model space or they are using  difference way especially the dimension ?
Thanks for your time !

The only reason I can think of that they might make such a request is to ensure that whatever changes you make will be visible in the layout when you are finished making the edits, because certain layers are thawed in some viewports that are not thawed in others.  Also, if you draw a line or create text in in the Model tab, it's possible that you could draw in on a layer you won't be able to see in the viewport where it is supposed to be seen.  Therefore, either in a layout and within a LOCKED viewport, select from the layer toolbar the "Select object to Make Object's Layer Current" or type LAYMCUR at the command line, to select the layer upon which you're going to draw an object or type text.  That is how you're going to ensure that the edits you make will be visible in the viewport when they get plotted.  No need to CHSPACE.  I'm sure that even though they said "Model Space", they really meant "Model Tab".  It's a common error that many people make, regardless of how well they know AutoCAD.  You can work in Model Space even though you're in a layout.  Somehow people forget that when they're talking about it, even though that's how they work in a layout.  :D   There should be no reason to work in Paper Space except to work on objects that are actually in paper space.  No reason to CHSPACE, edit, then CHSPACE again, for the reason I just mentioned above, so double-clicking an object in paper space should be unnecessary.  However, if an object in paper space was there originally without using CHSPACE to get it there, use the proper command to make the edit, or single-click to select it and right-click and select the option on the cursor menu.  Of course, this will only work if your AutoCAD is configured to show the cursor menu when the object is selected.  Remember, In my opinion, Model Space is OK, but access it from a LOCKED viewport in a layout.  Use PROPERTIES to check a layout to see if it is locked.  Or list the viewport.  If it is unlocked it will not say "View lock is on".  If it doesn't say "View Lock is on", you can use MVIEW or PROPERTIES command to lock the viewport, before activating it.
The menus in AutoCAD are displayed like the owner or CAD manager wants them displayed, and once they are displayed in the manner desired the arrangement can be saved as a WORKSPACE.  The current workspace system variable can be set or changed from the command line with the WORKSPACE command.  If you are working on a computer other than your own, check with the CAD manager or owner to find out if you are allowed to change the workspace settings.

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