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July 4, 2014

Dear Bill:

I am using strictly an AutoCAD Table Object.

I get erratic results...still.

I think it has to do with formatting or data types...if my memory serves me correctly.

Checked again...Data Type set to "Text" via property palate
Justification set in table toolbar as you suggested
Format remains "None" via properties palate.

Seems to work.

There's more
You can Add or Delete plot styles or Save As... if you check both views (form or table.)  If they're not in one view they're bound to be in the other.

Have a great 4th...maybe we can make it through the year.


About plot styles.
The architect I work with and I are older guys, and we are used to color-dependent plotting.  But yes, you can save one plot style as a new one and adjust your pen weights and shades appropriately for the type of drawing you are printing.  One thing to add, however is that if anybody on your team is using AutoCAD LT, it will not be able to plot with shading.  Only full AutoCAD can do that.  Not sure if any IntelliCAD product has the ability to plot shaded yet, or if they are still stuck on 100% like AutoCAD LT.  That's how it used to be.  Just a little info...

Hope you enjoyed the 4th.

Bill DeShawn


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