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AutoCAD/SOLVIew section and auxiliaty options


QUESTION: I am an AutoCAD with 30 years experience from Release 2.5
I have written various AutoCAD books (British)
I have 2015 and find the SOLVIEW options Section and Auxiliary do not work
1 the section is at the wrong orientation
2 the auxiliary does not display at an angle
SOLDRAW will not accept the section viewport - no solid selected
The options work perfectly with 2007
What is missing?
I am experienced with SECTIONPPLANE and VIEWBASE (which I do not like) and find them cumbersome
The Solview Sect and Aux are simple options to use
Help please
Drawings can be sent if required
Bob McFarlane
Ex CAD lecturer

ANSWER: Bob, Autodesk is aware of this issue & are suggesting to use the newer commands FLATSHOT, SECTIONPLANE, & VIEWBASE as you've mentioned, over SOLVIEW.

Best Regards,
Jory Borge

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Not really a question -more a thank you and an observation
My AutoCAD knowledge/ability is fair to good - I would say that I am a
'competent' ACAD user but why are there commands that do not work
Was 2015 not properly 'trialled' - the options should work or not be included
I have become familiar with the SectionPlane and the Layout tab options and they are excellent
So it looks like Inventor comes to AutoCAD?
I am OK with Inventor and can see in a few years a merger of both?
It is great for me to be able to speak with others who have the knowledge I am looking for especially as I am retired from full time education where I taught CAD courses to degree level
So ta for reply - it answered my concern
Is there any chance of your email or is that a no-no

Hello again Bob! I appreciate the positive feedback you gave me. & yes I agree, it's not a user error - you’re definitely very competent my friend. It’s also my pleasure to speak to someone who’s an accomplished educator & has written many AutoCAD books.
So as far as the non-working commands in AutoCAD, 2015 for me was a good release. Unfortunately, not many people out there uses the AutoCAD platform solely for 3D. Instead, Autodesk markets its 3D packages since their main core was created from ground up specifically for 3D applications, easily generating 2D views effortlessly. It's not that AutoCAD 2015 was not thoroughly tested, sometimes older commands & features are often overlooked or just doesn't work well with other commands. When there's something that needs to be rectified, Autodesk will try its best to fix these issues & addresses them on their service pack releases. I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Jory Borge
ninja AT boun DOT cr


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