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Hi Scott

I have some trouble with the command line in AutoCAD 2015.
Why is the command line always reads “type a command” all the time? And how do I go back to the old way, of seeing what I type. Also, why don’t I see numeric values in the CL when I type them in? The command line 3 lines high.
My colleague also have AutoCAD 2015(only 2 in the office) and all the values can be seen. She just use the AutoCAD after being install by the IT person (same person install my work station)
Additional info-I am using Window 7 professional, 4G ram
Thank you in advance

Dynamic Input icon
Dynamic Input icon  

Dynamic input text
Dynamic input text  
Hi Ronny,

It sounds like you have Dynamic Input turned on.

When DYN is active, keyboard entry appears at the crosshairs, and not at the command line.

To toggle it back and forth, use the F12 key.

On the bottom status bar, you can see if it is on or off (when it is ON, the area is light blue (in AutoCAD 2014), the icon is a plus sign with a small rectangle near it, or, if you have the status displayed as text: DYN

I have attached 2 images to show the status bar with DYN active.

Let me know if this helps.

Scott Wilcox  


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