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QUESTION: Hi and thanks for your time!!
I have attached a floor plan (.tif) drawing into Autocad 2013. I mirrored the resulting raster file and want to make the words that are backwards disappear on my plotted drawing with new words on top of the hatched area.

My 'solution' was to draw a rectangle around the word and then hatch it. Then enter MT on top of the hatch. (I.e., the word might have been 'closet' backwards and the MT now reads 'closet'.)

The tif is white on a black background in model space. The hatch seems to disappear in model space but in paper space it appears as a black box and the MT I entered on top of it does not show up.

I have tried all sorts of remedies involving changing the hatch color/type/scale/etc and draw order to no avail.

Thanks again for your time,


Your text does not have to be mirrored when you mirror parts of your drawing.  Before mirroring, check to see that MIRRTEXT system variable is set to 0.
Also, if the text you are talking about is part of the TIF file then, of course you will need to cover it up with text or mtext that is MASKED.  But if you plot the masked text to PDF, you could end up with a black rectangle covering the whole text.  That is why I plot color-dependent and I edited TEXTMASK.lsp to change the color of the wipeout to be a color that is set to plot at 0% screening.  TEXTMASK.lsp requires that EXPRESS TOOLS be installed.  In my ctb files, I change the screening percentage of the color #255 to 0% and in TEXTMASK.lsp I change the color of the wipeout to 255 right after it gets inserted.  If you have EXPRESS TOOLS installed, then you have the TEXTMASK.lsp loaded and ready to use.  But you will need to put an edited version of that routine in a folder whose search order is ahead of EXPRESS in your Support File Search Path.  I can either email you a copy of my edit TEXTMASK.lsp or you or a trusted LISP programming co-worker can edit the routine.  I recommend that you do NOT overwrite the TEXTMASK.lsp file in the EXPRESS folder.

Bill DeShawn

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

black box on floor plan.jpg
black box on floor pla  
QUESTION: Thanks for your super fast response!!
I'm not sure I totally understand what you are saying as I've never worked with ctb files or lisp files, but there is a first time for everything! :-)

I've attached an image of my file using textmask and you are correct about the black box.

I do have express tools installed. I looked in the express folder and do see the textmask.lsp application file.

Would I put the edited version in the 'express' folder? I'm not clear on where I should put your file.

Thanks again for helping a total novice!!!!

Jim  :-)

Please send the me drawing.
Go to my website and click on the revolving "e" icon to send me an email and attach the drawing.  Also, sent me a copy of the ctb or stb file you're using to plot the drawing.

Bill DeShawn  


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