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AutoCAD/sticky cursor and array


I have a little problem with the cursor. It keep sticking around
the work space as if the snap/grid is on. It only happen to a
couple of drawings (after I have insert arch's drg. into my drg.)
Another problem I have is the Array command. Array objects will
become a block and also the dialog box does not appear. Is there
a command I need to activate? My Workstation info are listed below.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You


Workstation Data:-

OS - Window 7 Professional-Service Pack 1
Processor - Intel core 3CPU @ 2.93 GHz
Installed Memory - 4GB
System Type - 64bit

AutoCAD 2015 Commands set to :-

OSnap - off
3Dobject Snap - off
Snap & Grid - value set to 0.001
Polar Tracking - off

Hi Ronny,

Your sticky snaps may be a performance issue.  While your system may meet the minimum requirements, opening large files may slow down the speed of your system. I personally recommend 12GB, but your Core 3 processor may not be suited to handle large, graphic-heavy content.

To make sure it is not snapping, press F9 to ensure SNAPMODE of 0 (off)

As for your ARRAY, AutoCAD recently changed the array to be more dynamic, but the result appears like a block.  The upside is these arrays can be modified after creation.

To get the former ARRAY behaviour use the command ARRAYCLASSIC; you will get the familiar dialog box, and the array will be independent objects.

Hope this helps you, let me know if you require more.


Scott Wilcox


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