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I am a competent ACAD user since R2.5 thru R12 (the best),,,2105
I was in Education - Engineering Head of Dept CAD specific
Now retired and am working thru my old ACAD material
I have several queries re 2015 as compared to older systems
1. Slides and Scripts: I used to do simple animations with slides
  and the script file had appear no delays - hence the animation
  With 2015 I cannot get the animation to work - the slides do
  not seem to appear in order
  ACAD still say a delay of 1000 is 1 sec but is it correct?
  Does the delay not depend on the computer and the OS
  I have a HP with Windows 9
  Have you any advice re slide/script animations?
2. Shapes - older releases has 3 ACAD shape files - es.shp/x
  pc.shp/x and st.shp/x
  These do not seem available in 2015? Is this correct
3. Menus - the old mnu etc
  I used to write SCREEN menus
  I assume you cannot in 2015? I cannot find any evidence of
  this so I need to write the CUI type menu ?
  I can always create a toolbar menu?
That's me at present
Look forward to your reply and hope you can help

Hi, Bob!  I have been offline for a few days, sorry for the slow response.

I started on R12, and definitely remember creating a slideshow SCR of a diploma unrolling, haha.  I have not done much since, and AutoCAD certainly has changed over the years.  My personal favourite was R200, but I now prefer the most current, there's always so much more you can do with the newest versions!

Regarding your questions:

1. As far as I know DELAY is in milliseconds, so 1000 = 1 second.  Make sure filedia = 0

Here is a knowledgebase article about showing slides:

2. These shapes were likely fonts, that may now be obsolete, or now available as TTF.  If you have them and require them, make sure they are in a folder indentified in the Support file search path, and AutoCAD will load if needed.

3. The command "SCREENMENU" is no longer valid, but there is some means to load older versions, see the trick noted in the link here:

I used to write my own MNU files, too, and I find if you have made toolbars from your menus,  these can easily be migrated to Ribbon panels.  see here:

Hope this info helps, and let me know if you require more!  


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