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Re last set of questions:
1.Script files - have given up on 2D animations - they don't wotk
  as expected and as achieved with earlier release
2.Shapes - decided to forget the es.shp, pc.shp and st.shp files
  as I could not find these
3.Screen menu - got it to work with REDEFINE SCREENMENU
 This was a new one to me
 I designed a CAD course in the mid-90s to HND level in Scotland
 (which is University year 2). The course involved all aspects
  of AutoCAD - linetypes, hatchpatterns,LIST etc and menu
  creation was included - hence the screen menu in thse dyas
 So I am back to the old style menu which I find introduces menu
 creation rather well
 The problem is that the ribbon disappears as expected and the
 'user' needs to know where the ACAD.CUIX menu is located
 I found it in a rather long path and eneded up with the
 following  message when opening ACAD
     'Write permission denied. Unable to create....'
 Found the ACAD.CUIX file in another 'USERS' folder and loaded
 it and no message when ACAD opened
 So I am now a happy chappie
Thanks for all your help and I hope that me working with screen
menus does not 'muck up' AutoCAD
PS: being retired I miss teaching AutoCAD although I have a wee
   part time job helping to train apprentice draughtspersons


AutoCAD has changed so much since R12: then again, so has all technology; I ran R12 on a 486 DX33, which is far inferior to my mobile phone, in terms of computing power nowadays.

As far as lost CUIX files go, you can always use (findfile "acad.cuix") at the command line to discover where it's located.

For that matter, (findfile "filename") will return the location of the first instance of the file AutoCAD locates, as AutoCAD looks in all the folders named in OPTIONS > FILES > Support File Search Path.

Hope this helps.



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