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AutoCAD/solid hatch objects appearing hollow


QUESTION: I saw your answer to the above question and you mentioned using SHX font.  I think this is the problem I have with my drawing.  It was imported from Microstation and I always have the message missing SHX font at opening.  Now I want to plot and all my solid objects (arrows and everything else appear hollow on paperspace.  They print that way as well.  My question is how do I change the font to SHX?

Set FILL to 1
Turn off MVIEW's HIDEPLOT for the viewport.
Uncheck "Hide Objects" in the Plot Dialog Box
Please try these settings first.

Bill DeShawn

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QUESTION: None of that worked.  So I guess that is not the problem.  maybe you can give direction on what the problem is.  I am working in 2016 civil 3d.  Often when I make changes to the drawing parameters is when all the blocks in the drawing though are still filled do not appear that way in model space or in paper space.  When plotting it prints exactly as it appears. In addition I did the command -wblock to clean up what I'm not using and the above happened as well as one of the linestyles that I am using does not show up properly in either model space or paper space.  I kinda freaking out now because it appears that the changes I made I cannot undo.

ANSWER: Please tell me the name of the missing font. I will see if I might have it or can find it for you.  If we can't fix this here, you can go yo my website, get my email address there, and send me the drawing.  Also, what version of ACAD are you using?

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QUESTION: Missing Font?  I get a missing shx message when opening. It says the number of missing SHX files is 2. It doesn't say which files are missing.  This file was originally converted from microstation to autocad so I thought that has something to do with it.  As for missing font is there a way to find out? I was able to figure out how to get the linestyle to show up.  I have to explode the pline.  Didn't want to do it that way since there are a lot of small parts on a very long stretch of road.

Sorry I took so long to respond.  Been really busy.  For the linetypes thst dont show up, sometimes the MSLTSCALE or PSLTSCALE system variable needs to be changed from 1 to 0 or visa versa.  But exploding the polyline fixed it?  Thats odd to me.  I'm thinking that maybe you just needed to REGEN.  Not sure.  On missig fonts, look for fonts on your drawing thst are using the default font like perhaps like what might be defined in AutoCAD's Standard text style. Simplex.shx?  Then list the text. I think it will tell you what is the original font used.  I'm not at my computer right now, so I'm just going by memory.  Hope this works out.


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