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Hi Bill:

We're back in business...wait...AutoCAD is not responding after installing maintenance of a popular *.dwg to *.pdf conversion utility.

Using drop down "file" menu: "new" & "open" does not work, plus it locks up AutoCAD.  Bad news, totally unexpected;  alas Carol probably had nothing to do with it!  Computer runs sluggish, too.

Good to see you're hanging tough...hope you can help.

Very truly yours,


If you don't already have a DWGtoPDF.pc3 file like all newer versions have, then use PDF995.  It is a mock printer that when you install it, it becomes a "printer" in your Windows system to which you can send to print from any application.  Then from that use PLOTTERMANAGER in AutoCAD to create a PC3 file that will use the so-called printer.  Free to download, free to use:

Uninstall that other garbage and use CCLEANER to clean up your computer afterwards.
For antivirus I use AVG Free.
Read carefully when you download and install these programs.  They try to hook you into "trials" and then want your credit info  :D
Go free only.  Scan often with both.



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I used to do electronic and mechanical design for a flat panel monitor manufacturer, and now I do architectural drafting for an architect. I did and do AutoLISP and menu customization and take pride in making my lisp routines to do the work exactly the way the client likes them done.

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