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I am updating my sports autograph collection value for my insurance.  I only have a price guide that I found on the internet from 2005 to determine the value of my collection.  I have over 60 mini helmets and over 50 baseballs autographed in my collection.  I noticed that some of the autograph that I have such as Johnny Unitas and Otto Graham are selling for twice as much online as they are were valued at in 2005.  Can you recommend a current price guide for my collection?

I am having trouble determining a value for a Arnie Weinmeister autographed mini helmet.  The helmet is a New York Giants throwback helmet with a metal facemask.  It was signed in silver and has the HOF year inscription.  I didn't see any on ebay and I could only find one online store was selling a NFL logo mini helmet sign by him for $749.00.  The store advised they were rare in the listing.  Can you determine the value of this item?  

Thank you.

I use the Sanders Autographs Price Guide (#7 published in 2009, the latest) but primarily for celebrity/non-sports autographs. The book does include a small sports autograph price guide primarily for Hall of Famers, but I just looked at the football section and there is no column for mini helmets. The baseball section does have a column for baseballs.

I can't say exactly how accurate these prices are since I don't use it very often but since the rest of the Sanders book is accurate, it can't be too far off. Personally, I price my inventory based on my cost, competitor's prices, my many years of experience and gut feel.

Regarding your insurance coverage, I hope you have a specific policy for your collection or that your insurance company doesn't exclude collectibles (most do without a rider).



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