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QUESTION: Hello, my house burned down and my brother is donating his 2003 Les Paul to raffle to raise funds. I wanted to know the value of it, to be able to say with confidence, when selling raffle tickets to potential buyers when they ask what it's worth. It's autographed by Les Paul, Zakk Wylde & Alice Cooper. The guitar is new, boxed and never been played. Thanks!

ANSWER: uUnfortunately there are a few variables that I need to know in order to give you a proper appraisal.... first is the exact  model of the guitar as well as the retail value next I would need to know if there are any authentication documents from PSA DNA or UACC registered dealer.

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Guitar Raffle Poster
Guitar Raffle Poster  
guitar close up
guitar close up  
QUESTION: It's a Ebony Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Special II, MSRP $282.00 won as grand prize from NY Rock radio station WBAB which came with Zakk Wylde's autograph and two VIP meet and greet tickets for Alice Cooper. That's when it was signed by Alice and then later that year we took the guitar into the city to see Les at the Iridium and had it autographed then. In the promo poster that is me with Alice and my brother and me with Les Paul as well. I don't have any official document except the pics. Thanks!!

ANSWER: Retail value is $3000-$5000 .  It really depends if you get the right buyers and put it in the right market.  I mean, if you put that on eBay you're lucky to get $1000.  Please let me know if you are interested in consigning it for sale.  We can do a full authentication and try to get you top dollar.  Contact us via

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QUESTION: We raffled this guitar and the winner gave it back to me. I am interested in consigning it with All Experts. How does the process work and what is your percentage? I am in the process of moving from NY to FL and need this to be as easy and profitable as possible. Thank You.

Just for clarity, this would be consigned through Autograph Pros LLC, a volunteer on All Experts.  While our company name is as rock solid as it gets in the music industry, we've won the 2011 UACC Autograph Dealer Of the Year Award, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, I still feel it necessary to clarify so you know who you are dealing with.  This is easy, we take posession of the guitar, hire a professional photographer to photograph the guitar, we hire an editor to edit it so it looks perfect for all forums and we promote it to the appropriate audience.  We'll put that guitar in a location to get the most value promptly.  The fee is 30% after expenses.  Please contact us and let us know your name/phone, etc. and we'll get you out a consignment contract.  


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