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Hello Theo Chen,

My name is Samuel, I live in Belgium, and I would like to obtain an autograph of M. Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool legend football player, as a present for the 20th birthday of my little brother Alex.

I have searched the net a little bit and have found a contact address in London:

Fan Mail Address:

Steven Gerrard
Wasserman Media Group
33 Soho Square
6th Floor
London, W1D 3QU

However, now that he plays in US, I guess this mailing address may not be as effective as before...

Therefore, I was wandering if you knew a way to contact M. Gerrard in the US to get this autograph.

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards,



You can try but there is no guarantee he will reply. In fact I would say it's unlikely, but you don't have much to lose. Even if you get an autograph sent back, it may or may not be authentic as players often use "ghost signers" or autopen machines to answer fan mail.

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