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Most of the other automotive experts were not available for my question; so I think that you may be able to provide me with and answer to my question nevertheless.  

Why are some engines set in the engine compartment at a slant in some automobiles, especially custom automobiles?

I thank you for your reply.

What I can tell you, is how Chrysler marketed their new (for 1960), overhead valve, inline six cylinder engine, which replaced a 30 year old Flathead, valve in head, inline six. The marketing behind the Slant-Six, was that by laying the engine over 30 degrees to the right, it permitted a lower Hoodline, which worked well with Chrysler's other all new for 1960 offering, the Valiant. An accidental byproduct of the 30 degree slant to the right, was that since Chrysler's engineers had to use a long branch Intake to feed the engine, the Intake design created something of a ram induction effect, thereby boosting horsepower a bit. It is also rumored that the 30 degree slant, also led to less cylinder wear over time, extending the engine's lifespan, and in a time when most cars were ready for the scrap heap at 100,000 miles, Slant-Sixes were regularly running 200,000 or more miles, before they were worn out.

In so far as anyone else's designs, that I really could not answer, since I am not familiar with how their designs came into being.


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