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QUESTION: Hello, on the passenger side valve cover gasket is PCV valve. What is the fitting called on the driver side valve cover. It looks like a PCV and has a hose tying it to the air intake manifold. I can't find it on any parts lists. I've looked at air intake, fuel, emissions, exhaust. Thank you. Joe Carter

  I looked at an old Ford Microfiche that I have and found the part that I think you are talking about. The neat thing about Ford is their part numbers, for the most part, are coded. The part number tells one the year, model and parts group. Unfortunately, the part you are looking for has been used on multiple Ford vehicles. All the fiche shows is the parts group of "6A648" and the description is "Fitting".
  I took the "6A648" and searched the internet and found the exact thing I saw on my Microfiche. I'm going to insert the website so you can go look at what I'm seeing. I'm not very computer savvy and God help us all!! Here we go..

 I don't know if you will be able to click on that or maybe "cut and paste", not sure??
 Anyway, I was looking at #73. It is on the right side of the illustration. Is this the part you are looking at? If you scroll down and look at #73, you will see the number "6A648" and the VERY INFORMATIVE description of "fitting". HA HA!!  
 I guess I should have asked this first, what is wrong with yours or you just curious? IF you need one, Ford is usually generous enough to stamp or ink an "engineering number" on their parts. This is NOT a Ford Part Number. IF you need one, remove yours and see if you can find an "Engineering Number". If it is metal, it may be stamped into the part OR inked onto the part. Be very careful here if the number is inked on the part. If you use cleaner, it may wipe off the number. Just use a rag and gently wipe off the oil to see what you can see. If it is stamped into the part you may need to get some Carburetor Cleaner and sand paper to see the engineering number, if it is even stamped into the part. If you can find an Engineering number, I have books that can convert MOST Engineering numbers to good Ford Part Numbers. Then I can start looking for one if Ford has discontinued it.
 Okay Joe, that is about all I can think of right now. If you need any more help with parts, just let me know. For me, this was a pretty good "mind exercise. This part is "non wear" and has not been reproduced in the Aftermarket, to my knowledge. Thank you.

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QUESTION: First of all thank you very much. I couldn't find anything at all. And I was able to just click on the link you provided. I just bought the Towncar and the part of the fitting that goes into the valve cover is mostly broken off creating a vacuum leak. It's plastic and I can't find any numbers on it. It looks almost exactly like a PCV elbow so I bought one but it didn't fit right in the valve cover. Anyway I'll look around some more, maybe even have to break down and call a ford dealer. At least now I have a starting place thanks again and if anything else turns up please let me know. There has to be a real name for it. Joe

  I've been on a Parts Counter for 40 years. I have some good friends at Ford and they will tend to "go the extra yard" for me. I'll call one of them tomorrow and see what they will tell me. I'm not sure how to contact you if I can find the info. Maybe I can just go back to this message to see if I can send a follow up, not sure. IF you don't hear from me by Wednesday, send another question and I can tell you what I find out.
  There is a company called Dorman that makes this kind of stuff. You will need to know the diameter of the hole in your valve cover. Then go to and just type in PCV grommets or PCV elbows. Once you know the diameter of the hole in your valve cover, you should be able to come up with something that will work and eliminate your vacuum leak.


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