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Automotive/Portable Microwave Oven Model Design.



Is it possible to design and construct a Portable Microwave oven product which may be useful to carry while travelling by vehicle viz car, jeep etc ?.

Since it is portable, it will be battery operated - secondary source of energy as well as the portable oven's weight has to be considered. Power - battery voltage, current required for the microwave oven has to be calculated.

Also considerations will be whether all the microwave  functions can be embedded in this mini portable microwave oven model.

The Portable Microwave oven can be placed in a briefcase while transit.

Is it feasible to construct this product ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Prashant,
 You are too late. It already exists. There are Motorhomes or Motorcoaches that have such an appliance. These Motorhomes are 30' to 40' long. They have, possibly 2-3 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, Television, surround sound, and the list goes on. They aren't cheap but if you Google Motorhome, you will see what is available over here. They can be VERY nice and most cost more than the home I live in!! It is basically a small home on wheels!
 I have never seen a Microwave that can be collapsed to be put into a Briefcase. The Oven emits microwaves which is lethal to any animal or thing that contains moisture or water. A microwave has special "insulation" to prevent these microwaves from escaping the oven. If it had collapsible walls, these waves could possibly leak out harm people in the area.  
  I hope this helps. Good luck. This is a better "thought" than your last message. I can't remember what it was. Keep going. You will find something that will make you some money!!

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QUESTION: Dear skip


Is it also possible to design and develop a smartphone application Where the smartphone device will Detect the portable microwave oven Device and control the microwave function Using push Button.

The smartphone device and microwave oven device are both wifi or bluetooth enabled.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

 There is, to my knowledge, NO PORTABLE Microwave. They all have to be plugged in to an electrical outlet. They just draw too much Wattage to have a battery. I'm positive I have seen Microwave Ovens that can be controlled by a Smartphone.
 Again, Google Microwave and I'm sure you will see some controlled by Smartphones. Good luck.


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