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Automotive/Railway signals control system.



In cases where specific railway signals are not working on the railway tracks, is it possible for the motorman or train driver getting automatic alarms inside the train ?.

Can a electronic panel and a signal control system be designed within the train cabin to the motorman indicating railway signals strategic locations and signal status (red,green,orange etc) displayed as a map at a distance say 1 or 1/2 km before the train approaches a railway signal ?.

Can i get inputs, views and opinion from your end regarding the pros and cons if such a system is integrated within the train cabin to the motorman ?.

Examples :

The railways signals positioned at strategic locations near the railway tracks can be completely or partially eliminated if such a system is built ?

The motorman will have a better control of train operations ?.

The cost of building and implementing these systems will be not a significant amount ?.

These systems if implemented will better for Long distance trains as compared to short distance Local trains transport or vice versa ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Prashant,
  Happy to see you are still thinking.
  The first thing we need to address is the weight of the Train. Usually they are VERY heavy and take a LONG time to stop. Especially if they are going fast. I could use Miles Per Hour but that wouldn't mean anything to you and I'm not into Metrics. I have NO idea how far a KM is.
  We have different types of signals here in America. When a train is approaching a street, Red lights begin flashing and an "arm" lowers to stop vehicles from crossing the tracks. This, unfortunately, sometimes, doesn't stop drivers from driving around the "arms". Sometimes they are hit by the train. Some live, some don't.
   I am limited by the graphics allowed in AllExperts but I think you will be able to get my idea.

         X l   l
         l   l
         l   l
         l   l X

  IF there were sensors in the X positions, the l representing a road crossing and the =  the railroad track, they could have "vision" if the tracks are blocked. In America, we have stores that have doors, that when a person gets close to it, will automatically open. The same technology could be used here. If the 2 X's can't "see" each other, there must be a blockage on the Train tracks and alert the Train Engineer (motorman) of danger.
  This is technology that exists. I'm not sure just where it is being used. And you have to take into consideration the IDIOTS that will see a train coming and just try to cross the tracks before it gets there. Sometimes you can't fix stupid.
  I hope this helps.. and good luck.

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Thank you.

Do you feel if The railways signals positioned at strategic locations near the railway tracks can be completely or partially eliminated if such a system is built ?.

Electronic panel and a signal control system will be integrated in the train cabin for operations to the motorman ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

  Yes, I feel if the system is implemented, it could work. Again, we are looking at ALL people using common sense. You just can't fix stupid. There will be people that are just too impatient and try to "run around" the warnings of an oncoming train. As long as the law is obeyed, it would work.



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