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Dear Skip

Is it possible to provide Electronic lock for steering wheel in the four Wheelers with a password?.

Can it enhanced Security in the vehicle from thefts?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

  Are you talking about a little 4 wheeler like one would use to ride on trails in the woods or are you talking about a 4 wheel drive truck? I suppose it wouldn't make any difference except the little 4 wheelers don't have a steering wheel, they have handle bars. I'm going to guess you are talking about 4 wheel drive trucks. So...
  I'm going to say YES, it is possible. What locks the steering wheel now is a "shutter wheel" type of thing in the steering column. When you turn the key to the "off" position, a little rod moves up the column and rests on the shutter wheel. When the steering wheel is turned slightly, the rod pokes through one of the spaces in the shutter wheel and locks the steering wheel in position. This could be done electronically with a motor. It could get a  bit large and cumbersome. Next, one would have to program the vehicle computer with the proper software and wire the computer to the steering wheel lock motor. Next, one would have to determine a place to put the Key Pad for entering the password.
  With that being said, it can be done but I think the manual steering wheel lock is just too good of an idea to mess with. It is efficient, small and cheap. Also remember, the more "electronics" one puts on a vehicle, the more one creates places to fail. Hope this helps..


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