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QUESTION: I have a 1998 Lincoln 4.6 4 valve engine and automatic transmission, will the transmission bolt to a 1998 Shelby 5.0 engine, or would the Lincoln engine and tranny bolt into the mustang?

ANSWER: David,
 Well, your simple question has turned complicated with my questions. They are:
1.  You have a '98 Lincoln with a 4.6 engine, no problem. Understand that.
2.  Will the transmission bolt into a '98 Mustang with a 302? ALL of the books I looked at don't show a 302 in a '98 Mustang??? This creates a question about engine size.
3.  I show a 4.6 engine in a '98 Mustang but it takes different engine/tranny mounts than the Lincoln. I would guess the engines will NOT be able to be swapped even IF they are both 4.6.
4.  Ford has been, over the years, terrible about transmissions bolting to different size engines. Why they couldn't follow the lead from Chrysler and G.M. to make all the bell housing bolt patterns the same is beyond me.
 There is a book I don't have. It is called a Hollander Manual. Salvage yards have them. It tells one what parts from one vehicle will fit other vehicles.
 I'm sorry I don't have a better answer but with the information you gave me, this is the best I can do. Please remember I'm a Parts Specialist but I answered this to give you my best thoughts and direction. IF you need any parts help, just ask. Thank you for your question..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Will the 4.6 and transmission bolt up to the mustang? Thanks.David

 I can't give you an excellent answer to your question. The Lincoln takes motor mounts: 2996, 3111 and trans mount 2717. The Mustang takes 3002, 3001 and Trans mounts, 2784. As you can see, they are different. The Lincoln mounts are Hydraulic, the Mustang mounts aren't.  
 On the Lincoln side, the catalog says "The engine brackets must be saved and reused with the new mounts". They are Hydraulic. Not so with the Mustang.
 I called a local "Bone Yard" wanting them to look in their Hollander manual and was put on terminal "ignore". They never came back to the phone after 10 minutes on "hold". I hung up.
 With all of this being said, I think they will interchange as long as you use the Mustang Mounts to put it in the Mustang.
 NOW, I don't want you to just take my word for this, as I'm only guessing. What I want you to do is go down to your local Bone Yard and have them look in their Hollander Manual and get their opinion.
 David, I don't want you to spend a bunch of money just to find you these two engine/transmissions WON'T exchange. Just like going to a Doctor about a Medical problem, PLEASE get a second opinion. I'm a Parts Expert but NOT an expert in this area. Get another opinion, please!! Good Luck..


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