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Automotive/timing specifications for 383 chrysler


larry wrote at 2014-12-03 17:16:52
Although I didn't ask, I found your answer that helped me reset my points for my 383 4 bbl for my 1965 Dodge Coronet 500.    Have had trouble with the vacuum advance and the distributer with the points going out of spec. Drives ok for awhile and then goes into a stall.  


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Questions ONLY related to Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Slant-Sixes from 1960-1975. You can ask me about Engine Timing, general specifications, do`s and don`ts, and details such as proper installation of `Spark Plugs` on the 1960-74 `Slant-Sixes.`


I own and work on a 1960 plymouth, powered by a 'Slant-Six', have also worked on a 1968 'Slant-Six', a 1975, a 1964, and and 1970 'Slant-Six'

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