QUESTION: I'm concerned that my mechanic is taking advantage of me in the number of hours he's charged in doing some routine repairs & minor body work & paint touch up on my 182.  Is there any site or publication that you're aware of that could give me an idea of the average number of hours (I realize this is not an exact science) it takes to complete a particular task?

ANSWER: $25-30/hr. is common. However, all mechanics charge whatever they can get.  Depends upon where you are, just like autos--that commonly get 3-times A&P wages (or more), although aviation workers are held to higher standards, and can be held accountable (jailed, fined) for bad work.
If your guy charges $100/hr., and he's the only one around, better pay it.  What's your life worth?
Google> "Employment and Wages of FAA-certified and FAA-noncertified Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians"

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QUESTION: I agree with your answer however, my question was about the number of hours charged not the rate.  I have no issue with his hourly rate.  For example, he replaced my windshield (which I purchased & had delivered to him @ his request) and charged me for 24 labor hours.  That seems a little excessive to me.  They also repacked my nose landing gear and charged me for 15 labor hours, again that seems a little excessive.  I didn't know if there was a publication or website that could give averages for the number of labor hours involved in a particular job on an airplane.  Thank You.

ANSWER: Depends upon the airframe--which is why you don't find a standard time.  Airplanes and boats, items that are typically VERY expensive to maintain.  If you're worried about the cost, eschew ownership.  One way to avoid expense is DIY, and have an AI sign off on your work.  If the work is beyond your competence ... well, note previous comment.

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QUESTION: As I own 2 airplanes & a boat, cost is not the issue. Basically I'm an attorney looking to file suit against a mechanic for padding a bill by about 60 hrs & was told such publication existed, but I was unable to locate it.  I am exhausting every avenue to find such.  Appreciate the advice, you are correct airframe time & condition are factors that need to be considered.

See: http://www.aeromech-inc.com/inspectiontimes.htm;
I'm not an attorney.  I don't think you have a case.
It occurs to me you may indeed be a victim ... of being an attorney.
Your brethren are infamous for their charges.
"HAND" [Have a nice day ...)


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