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Dear Adrian

1. Is the Cargo carrying capacity (Load, Weight) fixed or standard in all Commercial Airplane Carriers ?. Is this done for Security measure for not exceeding the total weight, load of the airplane i.e passengers, cargo, fuels, airplane etc ?  

2. Is there a certain Total Load or Weight of the Airplane which cannot be exceeded ?. Is this identified by Electronic Instruments panel, Alarms etc indicating the Total Weight, Load of the Airplane to the pilot before flight takes off ?.

3. In case if the Total Load or Weight of a Airplane is exceeded
and still the Pilot tries a take off, can it lead to plane crash ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I can only answer questions about private flying so I can not answer question 1 and 2.

On question 3, it all depends on how much overloaded is the plane, how long is the runway, how warm is the air, and where in the aeroplane is the overweight area. It may be able to take off and all will be OK if the runway is long enough.  But it may never take off, or it may take off and not be controllable. For example if there is too much weight in the rear of the plane the nose may pitch up and cause the aeroplane to stall.  Or if there is too much weight at the front, then the elevator may not have enough authority and the nose will never lift enough.


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