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Dear Mike

According to the aviation rules, laws & regulations, Are Private owned airplanes, helicopters allowed to land on international or domestic airports ?.

Special cases for private aircraft emergency landing on international and domestic airports can be considered as clauses in aviation laws ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,
I can only speak to the rules as they are in the U. S.,  according to the FAA  and US law.  For other countries,  you would have to address your question to someone familiar with the laws of each country.
As far as the US,  private aircraft can land at,  and operate from,  any and every public airport in the country.  The regulations do not differentiate between commercial and private aircraft in terms of what airports they can use.
The only airports at which private aircraft are not allowed to land at are private airports (except by permission of the owner and in the case of an emergency) ,  and military airports (except for emergencies,  or prior permission for the controlling authority. Usually,  even with prior authority, military airports do not to allow you to stop on the runways for security and safety reasons.)

I hope that helps.  If there is anything I missed or you have any other questions,  feel free to send me another email.



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