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Dear Mike

Are the Landing gears always retractable in all airplanes ?.


Once the airplanes takes off, the front and rear wheels are always
folded ?.
Once the airplanes wants to Land, the front and rear wheels are unfolded ?.

What are the Pros and Cons with and without having these retractable mechanism for Landing gears in airplanes ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Well..aircraft with retractable landing gear are faster (less drag) not all aircraft have retractable landing gear. It is mainly based on the manufacturers concept for the intended use and who would be using it. Retractable aircraft are a little more complicated with the addition of the gear system, therefore most flight training is accomplished in non retractable aircraft.
To answer your question directly No not all aircraft have retractable landing gear...If it is a retractable gear yes they will fold/be raised into the aircraft.......prior to landing the gear is selected down and they will then extend...there is no pros or cons it is dependent on what the owner of the aircraft uses the aircraft for, like i said the only drawback is, you must lower the gear prior to landing..most aircraft have warning systems to alert pilot when gear is not down, prior to landing.



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