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I was sitting on my couch in front of my balcony window (night) watching TV.  I looked toward the window and saw what I thought was a large commercial airplane coming toward my window.  It looked as though the wings were tipping up on one side then up on the other side, sort of like a slow lumber back and forth.  Of course it is very dark outside, so all I could see were the lights around the plane.

I was in shock as I looked at it and started to get up.  My mind was saying that I had to be wrong, this must be a mistake, so I turned back to the window again, and this time the plane looked as though it was even closer, and it looked even more certain that it was coming toward my window or my building.

I grabbed my chihuahua and ran to the bathroom, the farthest most room in my apartment, hoping that it would skip my window or my building.  I knew that if it crashed into my window, I would not have survived.  I waited in the bathroom expecting to hear and feel an explosion.  But I did not hear anything.  

I came out of the bathroom waiting a bit, then returned to the window and, of course, nothing was there.  I did not hear the sound of a plane, as one might think you would if it passed over your house.  Occasionally large planes pass over, and are somewhat noisy.  But all of my windows were closed, so that may have explained that.

I went to Google to see if there was any mention of a crash near to BWI, and did not see anything (it may be too soon).  Who would I call up to find out if what I saw was what I thought I saw.  I am not the kind of person known for imagining things.  I know that I saw something, and I was frightened enough to seek shelter, and I have never run for cover in my life.  Ever!!

If there was no crash (and I hope that this is true) is there a way to find out if a plane was out of control?  Would anyone tell me or confirm what I saw?  The FAA?  BWI?  A website?

Thank you for your service

Hi Kee, since you didn't hear anything there must have been something other than an airplane that you saw. A large plane that close to your home would have been very, very loud even with the windows closed.

Hard to speculate on what it could have been - illusion? reflection?



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