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Dear Mike

Are DVD/VCD/CD Player with TV Set/Monitor on commercial flights i.e. Local and International facility provided by aircraft carriers ?. viz Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Delta airlines, Jet airways, British airways,Singapore airlines,Qatar Airways etc.

The flight passengers on board will be able to watch movies or any other entertainment programs on the TV Monitor set interfaced with DVD/VCD/CD Player. This entertainment program/s on the plane will be operated by the air carrier staff and not by the passengers.
by the Aircraft carrier

Can these cause disturbances to the electronics navigation instruments panels within the plane ?. If yes what type of problems can happen ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar


First sorry for the delay in this answer, must have been some kind of glitch, as I just got this.
Those devices are powered by the aircraft, just like plugging them in to a wall socket at home. Those devices do not produce an outgoing signal that could disturb the electronics. They are not sending an airborne signal but one through a controlled system. When new electronics are brought into play like this, they are tested for compliance.

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