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I am Ronald Klein A Rosario im 15 and a third year highschool,I am a FILIPINO, my father is an ex army .when i was kindergarten i reminisce that in stage i spoke if i grow up i want to be a pilot. many years past and i forgot my ambition.when i was 14 yesr old and i like watching movies and the i accidentaly played a movie titled stealth .i was so amzed of pilots driving a cool fighting jet and i realized that this is my the age of 15 i am searching about airforce and pictures of amaing jets . i am planning if i finished my 4th year highschool and then i axiolly graduate right.i will choose two year course maybe engeneering or relating to mecahnics. if i graduate im planing to go to US and studyto be a pilot and if im a studentand want to find a work for support can it be possible and can i be a member of USAF while im a filipino?do i need to get big grades?experiencies and othersand to study are there two year relating to pilot ? thes only my questions thanks you  

How to be a "fighter pilot" first requires excellent grades. My first suggestion is that you make an extra effort to correct your deficiency in English. In either country, you should go to your local teachers to discover how best to proceed toward your goals.
The best way for a young person to "learn to fly" is with a local pilot interested in your progress. You should "hang around" your local airport.
Candidly, being a USAF "fighter pilot" is probably not in the cards for any aspiring youngster from another country. The best path for you is probably seeking that goal in your own country. Once you achieve the basics, there may be opportunity to attend USAF professional schools.
Being a "fighter pilot" is an exacting, dangerous, over-rated profession that soon will become less desirable as "cool" employment. If you just want to kill people, why not try to be a virtual pilot, operating unmanned vehicles? There is a great future there.


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