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I am 26 years old and I am thinking about going into a pilot career.  I
have a few questions:  How long does it take to go through the flight
program?, How much does it cost to go through the flight program?, How
often are pilots away from home?.  

It depends upon the program, and your dedication, i.e., how much of your life and income you're willing to spend in the pursuit of certificates. If you have a buddy who's a CFI with an airplane he'll let you use, probably for the price of gasoline. Or, one of the fancy on-campus flight schools, $20-30K. As a pilot, there's no guarantee of employment.
Go to and review the requirements (various publications) for issuance of certificates.
How often "away?" Most of the time. After all, you're in the business of transporting, aren't you?
As with any profession, if money is your criterion for pursuing it, you're probably going to be disappointed.
However, in the words of one of my mentors (at age 13), "Once you taste the sky, you'll fly forever more!"
My son is an ATP, instructor, flies jets, etc., etc., not trained in the military (you might enlist?). His training (kind of like trying to be a doctor) probably cost a minimum of $50K over a period of 15 years. He works every other week for a salary of around $80K as a corporate Captain with several thousand hours in type.
For more information, try Google.


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