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peckett wrote at 2013-08-14 06:55:25

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Questions relating to relationships, meditation, the nature of mind, the psychology of beliefs, learning, management of negative emotions such as anger, guilt, jealousy and mind-body-spirit integrated healing.


I have been working as a mentor in Personal and Spiritual Development since 2001, drawing on my background in Science, Education, Research in Cognitive Psychology and Mind-Body healing, studies in Buddhism and training as a telephone counselor. I teach and guide meditation as well as run workshops in the area of Personal and Spiritual growth.

Much of my non-academic writing appears at my blog, Lucy's Planet Happiness, http://www.lucylopez.net/planethappiness/

B.Sc Applied Biology, M Ed (75% completed), Post-graduate Teaching Certificate, Certificate in Telephone Counseling (Lifeline)

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