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I belive that every person has a guardian angel,my question is that how can we hear the angels?how can we communicate with them?

Thank you

Thank you for this important and difficult question. It was only last night that I knew of your pending question; I am sorry for the delay.

Most communication with spiritual beings is not consciously received and understood; it happens in the seeking human soul and higher (super-conscious) mind levels.  Usually by age thirty to forty years of age, some humans become partly aware of their soul duplicate identity and some of the Spirit-of-God super-conscious registrations in their soul.  This will further inspire and lead the human personality to seek God and also to do more Godly-inspired service ministry to all others.

It is is extremely rare for any human on earth to actually audibly hear any instructions or teachings from their guardian angel pair of seraphim who are assisted by several assisting cherubim and midwayers.  If any wordless spiritual message from your guardian angel pair is audibly heard, that is caused by the midwayers and other physical controllers down-stepping the spiritual messages to physical sound in your primary language. Just over 2000 years ago, this process happened when the very high (super-angel) spirit person Gabriel, acting for Christ and thus God, was made visible and audible to mother Mary carrying the baby Jesus incarnate on earth !  The pure Spirit Light (Spirit Luminosity) Presence of Gabriel was made visible in a form that would not frighten Mary.  

Seraphim and their assistants cherubim are the lowest of thousands of types of angels, archangels, heavenly hosts and other high ministering spirits who are all directly created by the Infinite Spirit (Holy Spirit here) of God. Thus, they are mainly workers of Divine Service Ministry to countless types of being and all humans.  They are all here, working as One with God the Universal Father and God the Eternal Son in a perfectly combined and unified personal and spiritual ministry to all humans. It is wonderful that God loves each and every being and human, high to low, with an infinite, eternal, overflowing love and lavish mercy and combined and applied to us perfectly through the continual Ministry of the Holy Infinite Spirit and all of her Spirit Children, down to our seraphim and cherubim attending angels.

These angels do not have wings. The highest super-angels of many types traveling at infinite speed -- that means that they have no space limitations as we do starting out here.  The lowest angels -- cherubim and guarding seraphim -- can easily travel at three times the speed of light; that is a velocity equal to traveling 21 times around the 25,000 mile circumference of the earth in one second !  These attending angels to us here are not all-knowing as the Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit on Paradise each are; but all angels have spirit minds that never forget anything. Thus, one guardian angel pair can easily service many humans, practically at once, at all places on earth. Angels have a feminine spirit nature; Sons of God have a masculine spirit nature; all have spirit forms and no physical bodies.

As a human being grows in moral actions and in doing the fruits of the Spirit, the guardian angel pair will be present more often. Some humans who are spirit-born (usually not knowingly) will have a personal angelic pair permanently assigned to them and indwelling the human soul and mind super-consciously.   These angels also progress with their human partners as these human sons of God continue to ascend over a very long time in many ever-higher heavens; then they gain spirit perfection and final, glorious Paradise destiny and further adventures of God-seeking and God-revealing in the whole cosmos !

Jesus came and taught us that " ... the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace."  These are all spiritual values, higher than just intellectual meanings and much higher than just physical facts. A maturing human will wisely use all three aspects of total reality in ever-growing love, mercy, service, truth, beauty and goodness to all persons, as God calls all of us to try to do.  Yes, we humans are just beginning our long soul and spiritual ascent; so we do not now do them very well.  The guardian angels are not here to make our life more easy, but to gently set up conditions in our earthly life experiences to allow us to freely choose to seek God and to do more effectively the fruits of the Spirit ! God and his/her many Sons and Spirit Daughters never violate human freewill choice-decision-will-volition which is a great Gift from God the Universal Father-Infinite I AM and his Personality Circuit. We are all an "I am of I AM with sacred divine-human personal will and each having potential or actual eternal Destiny ! These guardian angels are also called destiny guardians when humans have finally decided to always seek God and try to learn and do his perfect will.

All of this 2097 page Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth (in English) is fully in the public domain and may be freely shared as you wish. Only my added comments in [ ] square brackets are copyright as noted.

Pages 95 - 96  "There are many spiritual influences, and they are all as one . Even the work of the Thought Adjusters, [God's pure spirit Essence within you; the will of God, to slowly fuse and to become one with and as You !] though independent of all other influences, unvaryingly coincides with the spirit ministry of the combined influences of the Infinite Spirit and a local universe Mother Spirit. [our Holy Spirit.]  As these spiritual presences operate in the lives of [all humans on earth], they cannot be segregated. In your minds and upon your souls they function as one spirit, notwithstanding their diverse origins. And as this united spiritual ministration is experienced, it becomes to you the influence of the Supreme, "who is ever able to keep you from failing and to present you blameless before your Father on high."

Pages 100 - 101 "There are many untrammeled lines of spiritual force and sources of supermaterial power linking the people of earth directly with the Deities of Paradise. There exist the connection of the Thought Adjusters direct with the Universal Father, the widespread influence of the spiritual-gravity urge of the Eternal Son, and the spiritual presence of the Conjoint Creator. [Infinite (Holy) Spirit.] There is a difference in function between the spirit of the Son and the spirit of the Spirit. The Third Person in his spiritual ministry may function as mind plus spirit or as spirit alone.

In addition to these Paradise presences, [all humans on all planets]  benefit by the spiritual influences and activities of the local and the superuniverse, with their almost endless array of loving personalities who ever lead the true of purpose and the honest of heart upward and inward towards the ideals of divinity and the goal of supreme perfection.

The presence of the universal spirit of the Eternal Son we know -- we can unmistakably recognize it. The presence of the Infinite Spirit the Third Person of Deity, even mortal man may know, for material creatures can actually experience the beneficence of this divine influence which functions as the Holy Spirit of local universe bestowal upon the races of mankind. Human beings can also in some degree become conscious of the Adjuster, the impersonal presence of the Universal Father. These divine spirits which work for man's uplifting and spiritualization all act in unison and in perfect co-operation. They are as one in the spiritual operation of the plans of  mortal ascension and perfection attainment."

There are hundreds of pages of advanced revelation on angels and other ministering Spirits of God; I have tried to summarize and explain some of that above.  If you have any more questions and/or want more of this, please let me know.  On my web-site, here is some more to peruse on



[Series Part 143]

This is found by scrolling about halfway down this web-page:

Divine Love, peace and progress in Spirit and in Truth to all !  

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