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QUESTION: The past life blockage which has been preventing my ascension and my accessing my spiritual powers and gifts has been identified.  How do I release it, in order to move forward?

ANSWER: Hello Eleni,
Thanks for reaching out.   Some quick thoughts here.  The releasing that I teach I've used mostly for emotions that are conscious at the moment.  In your identification of the blockages from a past life, do you know the feelings that go with that blockage?  If so, I would feel that using a standard release would help.  I have my own technique that is difficult to explain in this email, but I can send you to a website www.Sedona.com that describes a similar release process.  SO, I would start there.

Also, I would ask how you identified this blockage?  If you worked with someone on this, perhaps they have some processes that are effective.

Hope this helps.

If you want to do some specific release work with me, I'd be happy to skype with you.  Let me know.

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QUESTION: Thank you Rita,

I had a healing with a lightworker whom was able to identify the blockage as karmic fear. Fear of persecution as a result of my psychic abilities.

I had consulted a couple of lightworkers over the last 18 months and it was only this last one that was able to hone in and identify which past life was actually causing the blockage.

I had been left to starve to death in a room in the UK and was not publicly killed during the witch hunt era, so as to not bring public humiliation to the village, but rather left to die and wither away.

She recommended a karmic healing meditation. I will look at your page.


Wow. That's intense.  Releasing fear is really freeing.  The Sedona Method will help- you need to use it over and over again, most probably.  You might also look into some body work.  I receive Neuro Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropratic which is wonderful for releasing hidden "stuff" from this life and previous lives.  

If it makes you feel any better, most of us light workers have been persecuted in a previous life.  Good for you to have the courage to let go.


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