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Hi. I am happy to be able to reach out to you and learn what will make my life better and in turn help others in situations as myself :).

I was introduced to the law of attraction by a very special person and because of relationship issues and me creating this situation I have caused our communication to cease. I am dealing with this situation by seeking knowledge about the law of attraction in other ways since I have the tools and I just need to use them. I don't necessarily need him to help me remember who I am and manifest this. However I do desire to have him in my life as whatever we both create our experience together to be. I feel a strong connection to him. Manifesting what I want is not all about him though, I desire to experience him and more such as to share my experiences with the world and learn to love everyone for who they choose to be and just be free from fear, my experience with him was the catalyst.

What I want help with is how to develop/practice a routine for manifesting what I desire and knowing when I am in the vortex being sure. Also how to deal with what is presently such as my partners pessimism, my children and what I want them to be vs. how they are behaving and their shortcomings I am not pleased with, my negative self image, and how to exactly love myself. I thought I did but I learned that I don't know how to really love myself.

Thanks for reaching out to me about the Law of Attraction (LOA).

The first thing I want to convey is that your first step in having a life that feels good is to love yourself.  It all comes down to that.  When you love yourself, you are different, you move differently, you think and feel differently and then everything around you changes.  You love others no matter what's happening.

Having said that, it may feel difficult to love yourself at times.  So, here are some suggestions. Take some time every day- it doesn't require much time at all- to center yourself.  Centering yourself can be done through meditation, breathing, putting your hand on your heart, looking at a flower or other natural scene.  If you like to write, get a journal and write down what you'd like to center around- is it love for yourself? Patience? Abundance? Peace?  Write down your intention for the day.

Everything that you want is already here- but if you don't love yourself, it will be nearly impossible for you to see it.  When you see something that you like, make note of it immediately.  Give it your attention. Express gratitude for it.  Love it.

As far as others are concerned, you have no control.  All you can control is your inner state (and even that can feel impossible at times).  So, ask yourself, can I accept what is happening right now?  In other words, can I cease from judging it?  Can I let go of judging my husband and my kids?  Can I focus on what's going on within me and accept whatever feelings I'm having at this moment?  If you can do just that (and that's a lot), then you are taking huge strides toward loving yourself- which is really loving everyone else, as well.  

So, as a routine, you can take time to center, accept where you are right now, let go of judgements (or let go of your judgement of judging).  Make a list of things that you feel gratitude about (this daily exercise alone can make a big difference).  When things go as you like, focus on that!  

If you do all that over the next two weeks, see how you feel.  Don't look for outside changes in your situation.  Look at inner changes in your perception and general feeling about life.

Hope that helps,

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