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Does one need to be religious to become enlightened? How important is religion in your journey towards moksha?

Dear Krupa,

One need not be religious to get enlightenment BUT religions are required for enlightenment. In fact Enlightenment leads to religions! Example: Buddha and Jesus. Ordinary people cannot comprehend the words of enlightened and after the death of the enlightened they create religions.

All the religions carry the true message of the enlightened and intelligent people can figure out this truth with the help of a teacher. The essential truth to get enlightenment is available ONLY in the scriptures.

Therefore, one need to be curious about the scriptures and need not follow the prescriptions. For example it is not necessary to go to church every Sunday to get enlightenment. BUT it is essential to study Bible/ Vedas and such scriptures to understand the key message.

There are people who get enlightenment without reading scriptures at all. But that is very rare. It happens to very few without any conscious effort on their part. Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharishi are such rare exceptions. And these people know that the scriptures reveal the truth. From their personal experience they also know that what is revealed in the scriptures are the absolute truth. They study scriptures AFTER enlightenment so that they can guide others.

Thanks for asking this important question and I will be glad to provide any more information, should you require.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  

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