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This began less than a year ago when I first saw this man on Television and trust me I am not the type of woman that gets starstruck and lusts after a man because he is famous or has money. I am pretty honest with my feeligns and have known that I am EXTREMELY sensitive and intuitive. I have heard of him over the years but didn't mind much attention to him.
I have had dreams that come true and lsiten to my inner voice and usually it is correct! I experienced love for the firs time when I met the love of my life, Michael and when we first made eye contact it was love at first site. I just knew and we felt a very strong connection as our eyes looked into one another. It was like in the movies. Fireworks and all. I have never felt this way about anyone and didn't think I would experience it ever. The voice told me that this is going to be my longest relationship with a man and 4 and a half years later it is true! But it didn't work out because I grew and ready to take the next level in my life. I have a very BIG mission that I must complete.
So back to what I was saying...I saw this man on television and I felt a pull. My inner voice was trying to tell me something. It was shocking for me to even experience this.  I stayed there listneing to what my inner voice was saying. It wasn't as  clear but something to do with marriage with this man but I thought to myself that is JUST CRAZY. Perhaps I may meet him in the future?

Several months have passed and I felt that feeling again but it was more intense and clear! I felt strong intense vibes when I saw this man's picture on the internet! I felt alive, high and so connected and not so sure why I was experiencing this. What does this mean? I have kind of a similar experience when I saw someone's face on fb that is a mutual friend and I ended up meetinh that person and we became involved or friends but it wasn't as intense as this with this well known man. It was so intense as if I laid my eyes on the love of my life for the first time. I am suprised that I even had this feeling again with another man (who I have never met.) but this is so unsual. What is this?  What does this mean? When I researched him and his biography I learned that he is so into Charity work. Organizations and Fundraisers which I am also into. I am with an organization here in NYC that helps children with special needs as me being a model and clothing designer. I emailed him and not so sure if he read it since he gets so many emails and silly notes from fan all over the world but I felt like I had to and tell him about my organization. Something told me to.
What does this mean? Why am I experiencing this? I know this is insane but he is very well known and happens to be a remarkable person. His goals are similar to mine. It is not lust, wishful thinking....I am talking about the CONNECTION, VIBES!
What does this mean?

Hey Alison,

Thanks for reaching out.  As I'm reading your email, I had a couple of feelings about it that I want to express to you.  Take what you need and leave the rest, as they say.

1)You are not crazy.  You are picking up on something within you.  Something resonates.  It's not clear what it is at this point, but clearly there is a resonance.  In other words, what resonates may be what this person stands for, how he vibes.  You are picking up on his vibration and since that is similar to yours, you feel it!  And it feels good!  When things are in resonance there is a high probability that there will be more of that.  That may mean that you meet in person- or that you meet someone with a similar vibration.  

We are always attracting what is similar in vibration to us.  You may be more sensitive to what that feels like because you are tapped into your intuition.

2) Don't worry about what it all means in terms of your romantic life.  Romance is great- because it is the merging of resonating vibrations in a specific way, but when we get so focused on it, you can lose focus on other important parts of life.  Let it unfold naturally.  Keep resonating in your wonderful way and you will attract the right mate for you.  

3) Keep connecting with yourself first and then connect with others.  Connecting with yourself is the most important.  If you are connecting with others as a way to feel more connected to yourself, you lose yourself.  When you connect with yourself first, you are clearer to connect with others in a deeper way.  Resonating with a remarkable person means that you are a remarkable person as well.  You are connecting with that part of yourself.  You are remarkable!  Another way of saying this is that you are not connecting with him really, you are connecting with the feeling you have when you witness him.  That's YOU!

Hope this helps.

ps if you need more help with this, I'm in NJ and we could talk via phone.  No worries either way

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