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hello i would like to ask about the proper law of attraction., first ask, then receive.. i read a book that i have to speak the word receiving everyday for a period then declare that you have claimed it..

I don't understand the last step the releasing... I'm confuse about that releasing, and the proper timing when to claim..

Dear Lina,
Thanks for reaching out.  There are so many books and audios out there about the Law of Attraction now and it can get a bit confusing... (sort of like books about parenting or food etc).  Everyone has their own way of creating and attracting what they want.

So, as in any other instructional guide, do what works for you...and leave the rest.

The way I've taught LOA (law of attraction) can be summed up by 4 parts:

1) Ask- what do you want?  Ask for what you want, and not what you don't want.  for example- I want more money to flow through my life versus I don't want so much debt.  

I find it helpful, especially in the beginning, to write it down and in the way that feels best. You can be specific as it is helpful to you.

Another important part of Asking is Why you are asking.  Why do you want something?  What do you think it will bring you?  THIS IS KEY!  For example, if you think more money flowing through your life will bring you peace- then what you really want is Peace.  So- before the money shows up- you need to focus on feeling peaceful.

Feel the peace- in any way you can- and with time, you'll have more money flowing into  your life.

2) Align- Do you believe you can get what you want?  Do you believe you deserve it?  If you are not aligned with your desire, you'll attract what you believe and not necessarily what you want.  SO, this stage is about looking honestly at what you believe and see if it lines up with what you want.  IF you want to see what you believe, observe what you have in your life now. Everything in your life is a reflection of your beliefs.

3) Allow- Allowing is seeing what happens without judgement.  It is taking notice of your desire manifesting in even little ways.  Disallowing is when you dismiss signs of the good in your life.  It is resistance to what is.  It is lack of appreciation.  SO- if you want to allow- notice it all as a good sign.

4) Amend- As you in the process of manifesting- you may change your mind of what you want.  That's good!  That means you are refining and discerning.  For example- I want more money flowing through my life may be amended to "I want to feel the abundance that I am in my life".

Ask, Align, Allow, and Amend.  That's what works for me.  Everyone has their own formulas that gets them into the vibrational state to receive what they want.  Personally, I meditate, am grateful for whatever comes, stay as present in the moment as possible.  

Releasing is about letting go of needing something to happen. Releasing what no longer serves you.  WHen you do that, everything else falls into place.

Hope this helps..

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