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Good day
Many people talk about spiritual growth and enlightenment. Spiritual things tends to diverge from science.
In today's world there are so many people who consider themselves spiritual and boast of their higher states yet some of them engage in actions that are diametrically opposite to what they preach and claim to believe.
My question is how does one measure how englightened and spiritual a person is. What is the metric and measure and how does one  compare  and use this measure or metric to gauge if person X is more spiritual than person Y etc.
How does one measure the depth of spirituality.
Or on the otherhand is spirituality something that has no basis in reality and is really something like a mask. In other words it is something  that people claim to have or be to gain a superior social outlook and has no basis in reality- simply because people dont seem to work  on what spiritually proposes. People's actions are based on selfish behaviors and most things people do are selfishly motivated.
Please share any insights especially into measuring spirituality and quantifying if spirituality has a real basis in nature or it is just an artificial social construct.

Sunil H. Mahabir
Miramar, Florida

Dear Mahabir,

There is no gradation in enlightenment. Either one is enlightened or he is not. There is nothing in between. Among those who are enlightened there is no gradation WITH RESPECT TO ENLIGHTENMENT. There is nothing like high/low, deep/shallow and such. It is either black or white.

However, there will be lots of difference among the enlightened WITH RESPECT TO body and mind. One enlightened person will be physically stronger than the other. Similarly, one enlightened person will be more intelligent than the other. There is NO POINT in trying to analyse these differences. THEY DO NOT MATTER. All that matters is whether one is enlightened or not.

Name, fame, wealth, personality and such factors vary among people whether they are enlightened or not.

Spiritual Growth

To attain enlightenment one has to go through various steps. It is possible to grade people and classify them higher or lower based on the progress that they are making towards enlightenment.

How to classify people according to their spiritual growth is detailed in http://www.scribd.com/doc/21094236/Spiritual-Ladder

Spirituality VS Science

Spirituality DOES NOT DIVERGE FROM science. Science and Spirituality FULLY agree on the core truth.

Pl watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIJHJzDQcRM

Those who have realized this truth revealed by science are enlightened people. Those who do not, are ignorant people. There is no classification on this knowledge.

In other words enlightenment is 100% proved by science.

Individual Vs Others

Enlightenment is a personal affair. One should not be concerned about others. It should not matter whether some X is enlightened or not. All one should be concerned is his/her own progress towards enlightenment. This progress measurement does not involve others. One should ensure that he/she climbs the spiritual ladder and attain enlightenment asap.

Selfishness Vs Selflessness

Unless one is selfish, it is not possible to attain enlightenment. Buddha abandoned his own family and kingdom for pursuing his selfish goal of enlightenment.

Unless one is enlightened, it is not possible to be selfless. Only enlightened people are capable of living truly selflessly. Until enlightenment people ignorantly believe selfless service will lead them to enlightenment.

Selfishness is the highest virtue until enlightenment. After enlightenment people will know there are no others. All are one. Therefore they cannot be selfish.

Spirituality and reality.

Spirituality is fully rooted in reality. Spirituality means knowing the real nature of the world. Until enlightenment people think that this world is real. Our face is the mask that we are wearing on our true self.

World is a artificial social construct. Enlightenment is to realize this truth.

Important Note:

You have combined many different issues in one question. Therefore, I am not able to give a comprehensive response to everything. I suggest you post a simple and short question covering just one topic. You may then ask more questions until all your doubts are clarified.

Thanks for asking this question. Looking forward to receive more questions from you.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  

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