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Good day
Many people talk about spiritual growth and enlightenment. Spiritual things tends to diverge from science.
In today's world there are so many people who consider themselves spiritual and boast of their higher states yet some of them engage in actions that are diametrically opposite to what they preach and claim to believe.
My question is how does one measure how englightened and spiritual a person is. What is the metric and measure and how does one  compare  and use this measure or metric to gauge if person X is more spiritual than person Y etc.
How does one measure the depth of spirituality.
Or on the otherhand is spirituality something that has no basis in reality and is really something like a mask. In other words it is something  that people claim to have or be to gain a superior social outlook and has no basis in reality- simply because people dont seem to work  on what spiritually proposes. People's actions are based on selfish behaviors and most things people do are selfishly motivated.
Please share any insights especially into measuring spirituality and quantifying if spirituality has a real basis in nature or it is just an artificial social construct.

Sunil H. Mahabir
Miramar, Florida 33027

Hi Sunlil,

Thank you for your question.

Trying to measure spirituality would be like quantifying love or compassion. There can only be abstract, subjective assessments of one's own spirituality as well as one's judgements relating to the spiritual nature of others (which is counter-intuitive to true spirituality). However, here are some universal spiritual principles that you can utilize as a barometer for observing the spiritual intentions, attributes, and actions of others:

Practicing humility.
Being mindful in the present moment.
Keeping thoughts positive and compassionate.
Not worrying about the future.
Not dwelling on past events.
Non-attachment to people, places, and possessions.
Striving to maintain a connection to Oneness/Source.
Extending goodwill and love toward humanity.
Expressing a positive outlook with kindness and cheerfulness.
Focusing on unity and sharing.
Tolerating and accepting others.
Forgiving and forgetting.
Displaying courage.
Following your heart.
Keeping an open-mind and staying flexible.
Living in a state of wonder and fascination.

For practicing spiritually, please consider the following:

Remove any sense of separation: When communicating with others, dissolve the barriers of physical characteristics such as gender, age, and ethnicity.

Cultivate loving-kindness and compassion: Emphasize qualities such as love, patience, forgiveness, tolerance, and harmony.

Meditation and mindfulness: The benefits of mindfulness include the alleviating worry, anxiety or regret, which are generally related to the past and/or future.

What we give is what we receive: Everything we give flows back through us, like seeing our reflection in water.

Resolve not to participate in criticism or gossip.

Let go of negative emotions: Keep your mind free from judgement and feel from the heart instead.

Giving and receiving are not separate: If we focus on what we have to give, the receiving part will take care of itself.


In my view, if spirituality were merely a social or psychological construct, it would not be such a perennial aspect of the human condition. If you have a moment, you may wish to consider reading "The Mystic Heart" by Wayne Teasedale, which may shed some light on the nature of spirituality and its "yin-yang" relationship in the physical, material, and scientific worlds.       

I hope this information is helpful for you - with best wishes, Bob Waxman  

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