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Hello Sir, How would one know if they are awakened? Could you kindly explain what differences  there would be in ones life after awakening? Thank you,Sir.


Awakening means knowing the truth. We think we are living in a world consisting of many different people. This is not the truth. What we see is an illusion. All is one. Space and time do not exist. Only the present moment is the truth. Past and future do not exist. The universe is a light and sound show. There are no solid objects in the universe. Even science has proved this point conclusively without any shade of doubt. But still we believe the false as truth. Matrix movie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix) describes the situation very clearly.


When we know that we are living in a illusory world, we are awakened. However, unlike what is shown in the Matrix movie, even after awakening, our experiences of the world do not change. The only difference is that we will know what is happening around is an illusion.

For example, we perceive that we live in a stationary earth and we see the Sun moving across the sky. Science tells us that we are actually rotating around the sun which is relatively stationary. Even after knowing this truth, our experience do not change. We still continue to see the sun moving from east to west in the sky. Similarly, even after knowing that space is an illusion, we continue to live in the world exactly in the same way as we did, before awakening.

The advantage of getting awakening is removal suffering. We will become free from the chattering of our mind. Normally our mind worry about the future or feel guilty about the past. After awakening since we know that past and future do not exist, we will not be affected by oscillation of the mind.

To live life we do not need mind. Life happens. Until awakening the mind assumes that it is the doer. We think 'I did that' or 'I am going to do that'. It is not possible for us to do any action. Therefore, after awakening we live life joyfully.


There will not be any doubt in our mind whether we are awakened or not. If there is a doubt then it means we are still not awakened.

There will be no suffering in life and life will be joyful. Please note, the ups and downs in life will continue as before. But after awakening, since we know that life is like a dream, we will not suffer.

All questions about life, god, universe will disappear. If there is any doubt in the mind, then we are not yet awakened.

There are different religions in the world. After awakening we will see the oneness of all the religions.

That's about it. Thanks for asking this important question. If you would like to know more on this kindly post a new question. I will be glad to answer the same.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

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