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In the past & currently Im always dreaming about snakes but recently I had a dream that I had four purple/light purle colored snakes in my home and they were mine. Unlike others dreams Ive had where the snakes are never mine but are around me this time this were my snakes and when I came into my home in the dream I wasnt really bothered with them being there but then I looked around and was tired of seeing them crawl around me so I got a pillow case to put them in and I put two of them in the pillow case but when I went to get the other two they were gone. I started looking around the house for them bc I was concerned that they would come out while my family was sleeping and though I wasnt afraid of them bc I knew they werent poisioness I didnt want them to be hidden. I made the statement in the dream that I was going to have to go buy some type of spray to get them to come out bc I was tired of them and wanted them gone. Im at a lost bc again never dreamed of owning snakes and Im just not sure what this means? Please help me with some enlightment on this, thank you.

Dear Valanteen:

I used to have recurring dreams about bears; and more specifically, a bear that was always chasing me and trying to kill me.  I could never dial the phone number correctly to get help and would wake up in fear.  Eventually, by following the Course and putting the principles into practice, they stopped.  I discovered that the hidden judgments behind the bear represented the hidden judgments I had about a specific person in my life.

Time is an illusion and part of the solution in the mind is so you “think” or believe you have time to fix (the split in the mind) that happened with the idea of separation.  That’s the metaphysics.  In practical terms, it’s so you think you have time to change things.  Most of the ego mind is unconscious; but every once in awhile, things like these kinds of dreams come through into our conscious awareness.  That simply means you are now aware of some “hidden” guilt in need of correction (forgiveness) in your mind.  Since all of “time” is happening now, then it is now you have the chance to change them by choosing differently.

I’m not sure what you know about A Course in Miracles (ACIM) but it is about correcting your mind as forgiveness.  It is taking responsibility for everything, even these kinds of dreams as coming from your mind.  This world is yet another version of the same dream.  You find the judgments and give them up (forgive) because you would rather remember the Truth about yourself.  

My suggestion will apply whether you are speaking of your snake dream or anything in your life.  Look at what you just wrote and pick our the judgments.  They don’t seem like judgments because you are thinking (believing) them to be real.  Withdrawing that belief is the key to giving them up.  You took action in the dream, for example, putting them in the pillow case.  However, if you play out the dream again in your mind (because all time is now), pay specific attention to how you feel and what you are thinking when you take the actions.  Those are judgments.  

That said, let me give you another suggestion that helped me and it’s based on the idea that this world is symbolic of the fear and guilt in the mind.  You wrote, “I didn’t want them to be hidden” and “I was tired of them and wanted them to be gone.”  Again, replay the dream in your mind.  Sometimes we confuse the Voice for God, the part that speaks to us in the dream with the ego.  What I mean by that is those two statements speak volumes about you being at the point that you no longer want to keep the Truth hidden from yourself and you want the lies of the ego to be gone.

If that is what you really want, learn the Course and put it into practice.  It is a Course in mind training.  It requires a little willingness to learn and then practical application as you go along.  Learn what are ego/judgments and how to give them up (forgive, correct) so that the Truth of who you are remains.   

I wish you the best and if you need clarification or have more questions, please let me know.  Much aloha.

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