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Dear  Elsabe Smit,  
Perhaps you can assist me, as I find myself reflecting on my interpretation of something I experienced. I have written to Dr. Waxman several times in the past (this category); most recently 2/4/13.  I asked him about the topic of Collective Consciousness and received an insightful response. He added an article by Smotherman 2004, that provided interesting views, and some aspects that correspond with my understandings/beliefs. Dr. Waxman is currently ‘Maxed Out’, and I am in need. You see, I am trying to correlate a relationship between: collective consciousness, souls on the spiritual plane, and divine purpose; to fit into my Spiritual knowledge base. Yes, it is confusing and it relates to an (Spiritual) experience that I had during a Reiki session.  I know that the time has arrived for me to discover more about these aspects of my experience.
I have participated in Reiki healing sessions, on and off for a few years (referred by a Chiropractor treating me for a back injury) I find them relaxing and they leave me with a feeling of peace. I have had a tendency to see things and experience things at times during these sessions, even if I go to a different Reiki master.
This particular experience took place during a Reiki session in 2011. It was a Spiritual experience for me; it was profound and life altering.
The Reiki master had put her hands over my naval area, and I ‘saw’ translucent hands covering hers. Then I was somewhere else, I don't know where, but it was not a place I can describe, because there was nothing tangent around me.
I remember that I felt them before I saw them. They are pure love and I was immediately engulfed by it. I looked and they were before me - group of bright beautiful beings (breathtaking#.  They made up a small group, and one of them was prominent #but looked the same as the others# and led the communication with me. The one speaking, relayed the thoughts of the collective group; sharing the same feelings and representing all, in unified agreement. I’m not sure if we actually exchanged vocal words we but we did communicate/talk. They have a basic, human outline shape #head, arms & hands, torso, legs &feet# filled with white, bright light. Inside that shape, is a smaller somewhat duplicate shape, which is golden. Within the golden area are particles of colored light #pastels# that shimmer/sparkle.These amazingly, bright, beautiful Spirits, emanated; love, joy, and purity and they told me that I was greatly loved.
While I was with them, I was out of my human body and I looked the same as they did. The only difference was that my shimmering inner particles were not as light; I had some additional colors like blues and greens #they were still beautiful, just a bit different#.
By seeing that part of myself, I knew that we are made of the same ‘essence’, as they are and that we all truly share a part of ourselves with each other. They told me that I have the same make up as they do, but at this time, I also have a #temporary# human body.
 They are pure love.  It was them that I had seen, their hands over the Reiki masters, helping her and opening a ‘door’ for me to communicate with them and see them. That is what they told me. I spoke to them, not frightened, but filled with a mixture of awe, joy, curiosity, and acceptance. I asked them if I was doing a good job as a human, #with a sudden need to know# and they said, “Yes”.  They indicated that I was here for a purpose, but they didn’t say what it was and I didn’t feel a need to ask. They assured me though, that they are always with me as I am fulfilling #working towards?# my purpose. Again they told me I was special, and they radiated with love of me.  They explained that they understand that it is, and can be, a very difficult experience being human. Again they reassured me that they are always with me – even though I cannot see them. I could feel their concern, and knew everything they told me to be true.
They told me how very special I was and that they miss me.  I was so amazed to feel their love and know that I really was a part of them. They said that I will be with them again, but not yet, I’m not done. I could feel them around me, surrounding me/part of me. I could feel their love and true caring.  I felt my love of them, and I missed them also – feeling the missing pieces of myself, in them. I felt as though I had been reunited with my long-lost family.
I was overwhelmed to encounter that level of pure love, it was not just a feeling, it was an essence - untainted – it is difficult to describe. It was the absolute absence of anything wrong or tainted, mixed with this beautiful feeling of profound peace.
While I knew that I was one with them, somehow I also didn’t lose the reality of my separateness – that of being a human, so I found it difficult to believe that I, this humble human, could be deserving of a such a level of love, as I had never known.  As I felt our time together approaching its end, profoundly amazed by their love, and humbled that I could be so loved, I asked them, “Can it be, that I am truly so special?” They answered, and it was the last thing they said before they were gone, “You are opulent”.
I walked to my car that day, filled with an amazing peace and a new vision to recognize what the fundamental nature of life was. The peace stayed for quite a while, but faded with time – the knowledge stayed.
In my cultural norms, there are conceptions about what ethereal/celestial beings ‘look’ like:  what angels look like, what God looks like, what ghosts/spirits appear as, etc.  I have seen different things #not in Reiki sessions#, and some I know not to be angels, while others I have not been sure about #I didn’t/don’t seek these things out#. So when I had this experience – I had no idea if they were ‘angels’ #because of my cultural construct?#  or a form of angel Being that I knew nothing about #because they were made up of pure essence) – and the collective communication was a puzzler..   
I do know, they are of God, and I call them the ‘Spirits of Love’.
I did create a couple pieces of art, of the ‘Spirits of Love” but I have yet to do them justice.
The Reiki master in this experience recently told me that it was time I had a mentor. I asked her how I would find someone appropriate/authentic, and she told me to pray and gave me an intention to add.
Thank you for your time, and help. Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated.  

Hi Brie

What a lovely experience you had - and than you for sharing it with me.  

I am not sure what your question is, so I would add my own explanation and maybe that will add to your clarity.

Your body is a separate combination of entities, and this shell hosts your spirit.  What you experienced and how you saw yourself (i.e. shimmering with green and white etc.) was still only a reflection of your spirit.  

How does your spirit look? Imagine that your entire essence can fit onto the sharp end of a pin.  That is how dense your spirit is.  However, at the same time your spirit is larger than anything you can imagine - larger than our entire solar system and the Milky Way together.  That is where the collective consciousness comes in.

Our brains are limited, but imagine your spirit to be a wave or even a collection of waves.  Those waves mix with other waves and the result is fed back into our brains so that we can be aware and communicate with each other.  This is how e.g. you become aware of a person that you have not thought about for a while, and within minutes you receive an email or phone call from that person.

You may have noticed that many babies nowadays grow fast and are aware and observant at an age where you and I did not have the same level of ability.  These children have an enhanced facility to receive and process information, and they will need much less physical communication than other generations, because their intuitive abilities are at a higher level.  They tune into this collective consciousness at a much earlier age.

Also, have you noticed how we nowadays communicate with complete strangers using the internet and social media, and how strong friendships are formed between people who are only words and pictures on a computer screen?  That is how our collective consciousness is honed and used every day.

Another phenomenon is where groups of people protest against what they no longer accept, e.g. corrupt banks, pedophile rings etc.  Those individuals all feel the same need and are then drawn to like-minded individuals, and this attraction turns into action and activity.

In the same vein, if you want to find a mentor, all you need to do is send out the thought, and the right person will pick up your consciousness intention and connect with you long before you can attach the name and face of a person to the connection.

Does that help?

Love and Light

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