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Dear Dr. Waxman,
 I have written to you several times, and have appreciated your input. In the past I have sought clarity for various issues involving my dreaming gift(s)(last time 8/14/12).  Dr. Waxman, could you possibly tell me something about the concept of ‘collective consciousness’, in the context of the Spiritual realm?  I’m prompted to ask because I had a Celestial experience, in which they communicated, in that way. All I know of ‘collective consciousness’ probable came from a Robert Heinlein Science Fiction novel a couple of decades ago. So far, I’ve filed it under ‘some things we just don’t have the answers for’, while maintaining a strong faith in the reality of the experience and its Divine nature (even though I found myself without a schema for ‘collective consciousness’ within the Spiritual realm).  Any information you might provide, would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your time, Brie

Hi Brie - it's always nice to hear from you. Thank you for your question about the collective consciousness in the spiritual realm.

If we wanted to "measure" an aspect of collective spiritual "world" consciousness - we could travel around the world and try to determine the number of people who believe in a certain spiritual concept. For example, if 90% of the world's population believes in some type of monotheistic Godhead, then we can state that a vast majority of the world's collective consciousness believes in the spiritual nature of a Deity. We might also be able to say that 10% of the world's consciousness does not accept the concept of a God-Source for various reasons [atheism, agnosticism, existentialism, etc.]. Therefore, the collective spiritual consciousness in any given situation [world, country, city, family, etc.] is determined by the commonality of spiritual thought among a group of individuals.

From the experience you've described as "celestial" - this sounds very similar to a mystical experience [or a paranormal form of communication]. It's also quite interesting that you've used the word "celestial" to describe this phenomenon. If you had intuited a sense of collective consciousness - it may be associated with your role in helping to advance the collective consciousness in the world today. Since we are are all cogs in the wheel of collective consciousness - each person can play a role in the progression of universal spiritual truths.

Although some individuals try to keep the status-quo intact; you are one of the fortunate ones who has a sense of divine purpose and an acute sensitivity to the spiritual fields around you. So, my suggestion is to follow the clues that have been provided and to continue developing your psychic gifts and intuitive talents! You'll discover that each experience is adding to your spiritual development, which will culminate in self-realization [illumination from within].

Below you'll find an article that may also shed some light on this topic. I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again - Bob Waxman

The Collective Consciousness - A Spiritual Perspective [Smotherman, 2004]

Each person is a composite being made up of two halves. One half is the physical body. The other half is spiritual, and is often referred to as the soul. The soul is a "blended" spiritual "entity." While it maintains an individual identity, it is also animated by the Spirit and will of God. It is like a miniature hologram of God, made from a unique combination of some of His qualities. Unlike human-physical consciousness, a soul can not be unaware of God’s presence and therefore is never "separate" from God. Since God is omnipresent, it is impossible to actually be separate/apart from Him/Her. God can only be absent from our conscious awareness, which makes it appear as though we have been separated. The soul is the overlapping ground where God and an individual are one in spirit. As a result, while a soul is not completely individualistic in its perspective, it is also not completely universal.

Although a person’s body is always connected to their soul, most people are not consciously aware of this connection. Although they may believe in the concept of a soul, they do not experience their soul as an entity that is distinct from their physical body. Therefore in terms of their conscious awareness, their soul has no distinct qualities.

But when a person awakens spiritually, they become aware of their soul and its desires. They also come to realize that their soul may well have an agenda that is different from the agenda of the ego of their physical self. And this difference in agendas may continue until the person achieves wholeness of consciousness. Wholeness of consciousness is accomplished by harmonizing one’s physical consciousness and desires, with the will of their soul. Once wholeness of consciousness is achieved, these two halves [physical and spiritual] thereafter function as a synergistic, cooperative partnership and the person’s life blooms in earnest.

Just as people communicate with each other, so souls communicate with other souls on the spiritual plane. Incidentally, this is one means by which people have conveyed information "psychically". Throughout our history, humanity has been aided by angels or "spiritual guides". These kindly spirits have assisted our souls in their growth and evolution.

We have also long been blessed with the guidance of a few highly evolved human souls. These souls have been yeomen of inspiration and help, pulling other souls up the evolutionary ladder. Unfortunately the number of such advanced souls has, in the past, been quite small. But in recent years, their number has begun to rapidly increase. This is evidenced by the revolution in human consciousness that is currently under way. By historical standards, certain human beings are achieving enlightened stages of consciousness at very accelerated rates. Additionally, more people than has historically been the norm, are experiencing spontaneous spiritual awakenings with no effort on their own. These signs are evidencing a tidal shift in the activity of our souls.

In the physical realm, people organize themselves into societies and governments to assist in the orderly execution of their affairs. In a similar fashion, we can think of our souls as organizing themselves into spiritual organizations and social structures. These "heavenly orders" or "spiritual societies" are organized to facilitate the processes necessary for the education and evolution of every human soul. Finally, enough experience and wisdom has been achieved by enough human souls to chart out the skills a soul needs to learn in order to "effectively awaken and guide" the consciousness of its chosen body. Likewise the course of lessons our souls must learn in order to achieve the next stage of evolution has been experienced by enough souls that a critical mass of such knowledge has been achieved. Out of this cumulative experience and wisdom, an organized mass evolution is coming into focus.

The collective consciousness can be thought of as all human souls working together at the spiritual level in a cooperative and organized fashion for their collective good. In doing so, they work in harmony with God’s will, and with His guidance and support. It is a collaboration operating in love, whose purpose is to guide, assist and support the evolutionary growth of all human souls.

As has been mentioned, an individual’s ego may be at odds with the agenda their souls have chosen to pursue. In like fashion, the collective consciousness may not reflect the awareness, actions or will of all the people on Earth. Nonetheless, the primary concern of the collective consciousness is the health and welfare of every human soul as it develops and evolves.  

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