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Hi Jim, My name is Alyson and my DOB is 03/26/1972. This may be a crazy question to you, and if so-I am apologizing ahead of time. My question is on seeing the time 11:11. I see this on such a consistent basis, and it is mainly 11:11pm. It is enough for me to seek some insight at the least. Do you have any insight on whether or not this has any meaning on a spiritual level? I ask because I heard someone at work say this. Many Thanks.  Alyson

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Dear Alyson,

Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket with those numbers, or a combination!

Eckhart Tolle bought one before he became well-known, and won more that $1000, which gave him the freedom to write his first book

That's the only "spiritual" thing I can think of.

Love and blessings,



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